Altium Designer 15.0.8 update

ALtium Designer 15.0.8
ALtium Designer 15.0.8

Mới đây Altium Designer đã có bản update mới nhất của Altium Designer 15

ALtium Designer 15.0.8
ALtium Designer 15.0.8

Bản Altium designer 15.0.7 chạy khá mượt mà. Với những tính năng độc đáo. Tuy nhiên không thể hoàn hảo, vậy nên ngày 27 tháng 12 vừa đây Altium đã đưa ra bản Altium designer 15.0.8 với một số lỗi đã được chỉnh sửa so với bản Altium Designer trước đó.

– Một số lỗi trong việc mở những project từ những bản Altium Designer cũ hơn

– Tính năng X-Signal mới của Altium Designer thực sự có nhiều lỗi và cũng được xử lý phần nào trên Altium Designer 15.0.8


Version 15.0.8

Build: 38726   Date:26 December 2014

4206 IPC Footprint Wizard – PSON Solder Mask Expansion default setting changed back to “Expansion value from rules”
4261 Altium Designer no longer requests that Adobe Reader be installed on the system.
4396 Issues with opening older Protel/Altium designs have been resolved.
4417 If an Outjob PDF included =VariantName in the filename it could cause an exception, this no longer occurs.
4438 Acrobat Reader XI is now properly recognized by Altium Designer
4443 Fixed error with Pin Swapping affecting xSignals
4444 Import MCAD IDX menu entry moved to the File В» Import menu.
4446 Altium Designer no longer hangs while generating Board Stack report (BC:5002)
4447 Excel processes no longer remain running after Excel-based report generation.
4449 Redundant dialog about shelved polygon removed from STEP exporter
4452 Proper net name is being shown for shelved polygons in Polygon Manager
4458 Ctrl+R (Rubber Stamp) now works correctly in the Schematic editors.
4478 “Invalid argument to date encode” error during release to Vault is fixed
4479 Fixed naming of features in exported step files
4487 Fixed CADSTAR schematic importer
4493 Fixed crash in cmplib while openning file with models requiring update
4497 Certain editing scenarios could result in an exception in the schematic editor (error details included “read of address 80808088”), this no longer occurs.
4504 New polygons were immediately shelved in some installations of Altium Designer, this no longer occurs.
4506 Fixed issue with sch print via PDF printer in outputjob (BC:4947)
4537 Fixed disappearing wire dragging in sch
4539 It was not possible to have CmpLib folders of the same name, with a different path – this has been resolved.
4560 xSignal related length matching DRC are now shown in report and violations panel (BC:4960)
4586 Fixed Orcad importer
4590 BOM generation do not hangs anymore, when ActiveBOM is used as source with Variant switch


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