Altium đang phát triển bản ALtium Designer 18

Với bản Altium Designer 18, hỗ trợ tối đa nền tảng 64 bit, giao diện mới, tăng rất nhiều về hiệu năng xử lý. với engine đồ họa mới. GIT, multiboard,….. quá là thuyệt vời. Dự kiến ra mắt vào tháng 11 năm nay.

Performance and stability improvement through 64­Bit Support support

  • Output Generation is 4 to 7 times faster depending on the design. For example, testing with a customer’s 26 layer board with ~9000 components takes about 7 hours for Gerber generation from AD17 but takes only 11 minutes in AD18.
  • DRC is 5 to 7 times faster on average.
  • Polygon pour speed for large designs is 2 to 9 times faster.
  • File opening for large designs is 3 to 6 times faster.
  • Access and use of full system memory ­ no more limits on accessible memory leading to improved performance and better stability Multi­threading ­ takes advantage of modern multi­core to compute hardware.

Value for User when using Altium Designer 18

  • A significant reduction of response times applies to all PCB Designs and specific to larger PCB Boards. Improved stability and performance by taking advantage of hardware capabilities.
  • New Graphical Engine for PCB Faster Graphics through more effective Hardware resources usage. Layer and Color Changes appear instantaneous.
  • A significant reduction of response times applies to all PCB Designs and specific to larger PCB Boards. New UI Naturally, you will notice this update first. But it’s more than just a new color theme. It’s an improvement and consolidation of functions that increase productivity:
  • New context-sensitive Panels ­ Select object drives Panel content
  • Even easier to use and to deploy, optimized to PCB Designer needs. Enables also the casual user
  • to use the full power of Altium Designer.
  • Multi­board Support Since years Altium understood that PCB Designers have to check one PCB against the housing. The new Multi­board Support is the next logical step in this direction to allow PCB Designers to design and analyze the entire product with all PCBs and interconnects. With this new functionality all related manual processes and disconnected work in none EDA Tools, like Excel, Word, or Visio are obsolete. Correct by construction is a core element of this new functionality.

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