Altium designer 15 build 47215


Ngày 22 tháng 7 năm 2015, Altium có bản update Altium Designer 15.1.14 build 47215 với một số update.  Với những bản build  nhỏ những nâng cấp lần này chủ yếu là những sửa lỗi cho các bản build trước đây.

Một số tính năng nổi bật trong bản Altium designer 15.1 như:

Pad & Via Templates and Libraries

Cho phép người thiết kế tạo ra sẵn những thư việc của PAD, Via thường sử dụng.
Ngoài ra, trong dự án sẽ tự động tạo ra những template via, pad đang được sử dụng và đặt tên tự động. Mỗi lần sử dụng người thiết kế chỉ cần lựa chọn theo một danh sách sẵn có trong ALtium Designer 15.1. Ví dụ như hình dưới việc lựa chọn via đơn giản hơn bao giờ hết.


xSignal Wizard

Công cụ xSignal được Altium phát triển và đưa vào từ bản Altium Designer 15 với khả năng tạo ra những nhóm tím hiệu, quản lý độ dài tín hiệu mạnh mẽ. Nó dần trở thành trợ lý đắc lực cho người thiết kế mạch trên Altium designer 15, đặc biệt là những dự án thiết kế mạch tốc độ cao.

Trước đây mình đã có một video hướng dẫn sử dụng công cụ xSingnal Wizard.

Live Drill Drawing

 PDF 3D Export

Polygon Pour Improvements

Multi-line PCB Text Support

Union Enhancements

External 3D models for Vault Components

OrCAD 16.x Import Support

Drill Pair Reference

Custom Coverlay Support

Support for Cypress Touch Controls

Test Point Clearance CheckSolder Mask Expansion from Hole

Board Outline Clearance Checking

Schematic Symbol Generation Tool


Dưới đây là những cập nhật cho altium designer 15.1

Version 15.1.14

Build47215 Date: 22 July 2015

6370 The Symbol Generator now correctly observes units for default pin lengths during component creation
6771 Resolved an issue where opening a PcbDoc containing a Design View could result in the software entering into an infinite loop.
6843 Footprint with “.Comment” special string no longer displayed as mismatched after running footprint comparison via “Tools>Update from PCB Libraries”.
6886 A PCB created in AD14.3 no longer loses relief polygon connections when it is opened in Altium Designer 15.1 and the polygon is repoured.
6915 The time taken to compile a schematic project has been reduced (BC:5495).
6938 PCB panels whose child PCB designs contain Component refdes, Component comment, and dimension text now produce proper Print and Assembly output to PDF documents (BC:5716).
6960 Resolved an issue where a new project being created from a template would point to the wrong OutputJob file.
7022 Resolved an issue when unique identifier errors appeared after updating a modified schematic symbol using the “Tools >Update Schematics command”.
7070 Resolved an issue with Undetectable Short Circuit in Schematic when Blankets are used
7085 Resolved an issue where the designators were incorrectly placed in the generated PDF output if they were on a mechanical layer in an embedded board array (BC:5714).

Version 15.1.13

Build46088 Date: 2 July 2015

4814 Altium Designer no longer crashes on start, in environments utilizing a roaming profile (BC:5218).
6410 Several fabrication and assembly output issues concerning TrueType special String conversion, location, and justification, have been resolved (BC:5521).
6566 Invalid files nor longer generated during export to Parasolid (BC:5650).
6574 The PCB can now be exported in PDF3D format, directly in the Project folder. This fixes the issue where a blank PCB was being created, that overwrote the existing PCB document.
6577 Fixed issue with non-editable via sizes during routing.
6587 Availability of Component State validation has been restored in OutputJobs.
6590 An issue with Altium Designer licenses not being recognized when using Private License Server v14.0.0.33 (or earlier), has been resolved.
6607 The MCAD collaboration standalone license no longer needs to be re-activated every time Altium Designer starts.
6672 All cell data is now loaded properly when opening older CmpLib files in Altium Designer 15.1 (BC:5601).
6050 Multiline strings with CR LF now display correctly in PDF3D export.
6601 An issue with the Symbol Wizard window not being movable, has been resolved.
6768 The Component Template (CMPT) Editor is now compatible with Altium Designer 15.1.

Version 15.1.12

Build: 45129 Date: 2 June 2015

6292 Restored the possibility to change lifecycles when working with versions of Altium Vault earlier than 2.5.
6317 Undo of component layer flip no longer modifies the component’s Flipped On Layer property.
6409 Resolved an issue when managed project was invisible in Altium Designer when it was created in repository which URL had “/” at the end.
6427 Resolved an issue when generation STEP file from output job was impossible.
6239 False violations of Board Outline Clearance rule no longer occurs for primitives on Mechanical layers.
6277 Resolved an issue with schematics where the compiler did not highlight an error for components which have duplicate designators (BC:5449).
6349 Altium Designer no longer crashes when rendering a solder mask for pads, after switching from 2D to 3D.
6351 Altium Designer no longer crashes when user removes polygons imported from Camtastic.
6369 Restored the ability to change all selected cells at Next State column in Batch.
6376 Extruded 3D Body objects converted to STEP in Altium Designer Versions 15.0 and earlier now retain their shapes in Altium Designer Version 15.1 (BC:5467, BC:5511).
6013 Resolved an issue with component rotation during Eagle import with non US regional settings.
6040 Objects selected in PCB Layout using the Board Insight panel now correctly update the PCB Inspector panel.
6284 Added the option to display mechanical layers in board planning mode.
6310 Fixed crash during sequential repour of overlapped polygons.
6439 Resolved an issue with SchLibGenerationTool when data copied from Excel was pasted into the first several cells of the wizard, and the other cells were pre-selected (BC:5506, BC:5491).


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