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Nếu đang hào hứng chờ đợi muốn sử dụng Altium Designer 18 với giao diện tuyệt đẹp, chạy cực mượt vì hỗ trợ tối đa xử lý 64bits của hệ thống. Mời các bạn download altium designer.

Đây là bản altium designer 18 beta, tuy nhiên sau một ngày làm việc cơ bản. Mình thấy nó chạy khá ổ.
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Một số thay đổi của bản Altium design 18 các bạn xem qua tại đây:

Dowload altium designer

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Version 18·0·12

Build: 696 Date: 9 March 2018

Fixed Bugs


24248 Bug where the Access Violation Error, “EListError: Duplicates not allowed” occurred while executing ECO changes.
24890 Regression where all layers became hidden when switching from 2D to 3D in the PcbLib Editor, when editing a Footprint item in a Vault.
23919 Bug where an access violation error occurred in the System Preferences dialog, after closing all PCB Lib documents.
24782 Restored the PCB Design view feature (BC:8881).
24102 Regression where PCB 3D Print Preview did not work and empty PDF 3D documents were generated, when a comma was used as the decimal separator.
24720 Regression where the 3D Body X/Y reference location was changed from the model origin to the center of the 3D body.
24541 Regression where a track would be set to zero-width, after the width field had been cleared.
21069 Regression where only the zoomed part of the PCB has been printed in the generated PCB 3D Print PDF if PcbDoc has been opened and zoomed before PDF generation (BC:8727).
24221 Regression where the placement cursor was not anchored to 3D Model (0;0;0) origin in AD 18.0.


23661 Bug where it was not possible to create a second AD window using drag in Windows 10 ( Version 1709 Fall Creators Update).
24234 Regression where the Open Symbol and Open Footprint commands in the SVN DBLib Table Browser did not open component for editing (BC: 8720).
24686 Regression where the Generic 3D model preview was absent when choosing the file from disk (BC:8913).
24728 Bug where an access violation error occurred when clicking on the project category popup menu in the Projects panel.
24681 Bug where an Access Violation occurred during editing of an SVN DBLIb component via the Libraries panel.
24680 Bug where an access violation occurred in certain situations, during BOM Export To PDF.
24678 Bug where it was not possible to import a DDB file from a read-only directory.

New Graphic Engine

17468 Bug where the highlighting for layers from the Layer Tab menu did not work (BC:8780).
23826 Bug where crash/AV occurred after specifying the Route Tool Path layer or selecting a panelized PCB, after closing the source PCB.

Interactive Properties Panel

24722 Bug where an entered 3D Body Location (X/Y) value of 0 was incorrectly rounding to 0.002mil, for generic 3D bodies (BC:8950).
24314 Regression where it was impossible to specify Bottom Test points for Bottom layer pads (BC:8948).
24850 Bug with the access violation error: “an item with the same key has already been added”.

Data Management

24859 Regression where the price for 1 piece of a component was chosen when the stock was insufficient.
24907 Regression where the “Local installation” mode did not allow product updating from the Updates page.
24227 Bug where the ActiveBOM line item (#) was lost in a specific project.


25072 DRC – Bug where the differential routing violation detail remained on the PCB after offending tracks are deleted.
24783 Simulation – Regression with missing “Complex Functions” in “Edit Waveform” dialog.
24978 Importer xDxDesigner – Fixed bug where hierarchical blocks were generated improperly.








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