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Sau khi ra mắt bản Altium Designer 17.0.6 với nhiều tính năng mới cũng như nhiều bug ngớ gẩn đến không tưởng. Altium đã update ngay bản 17.0.6 để sửa lỗi.

Download Altium Designer 17.0.7

Mời các bạn tải về bộ cài đặt Offline Altium Designer 17.0.7:

Chú ý: Link trên chỉ là bộ cài đặt, không bao gồm license. Các bạn liên hệ vs Altium để mua nhé, hoặc dùng license của các bản cũ.

Những thay đổi của Altium Designer 17.0.7

Version 17.0.7
Build: 424 Date: 5 December 2016
Fixed a bug where defining coordinates for String via the PCB Inspector always moves String using the absolute origin. (BC:7267)
Fixed a bug where Select Next (tab) does not work for No Net Objects. (BC:7313)
Fixed a bug where the PCB Editor Object Picker appears after RMC above multiple components and does not work properly.
Fixed a bug where a locked icon is still visible after being locked. (BC:7275)
Fixed a bug where differential pair net labels are case sensitive and this causes DRC errors when the project is compiled.
Fixed a bug where ‘.VersionControl_RevNumber’ special string is not converted on a PCB if “VCS Provider – SVN” extension installed. (BC:7293)
Fixed a bug where a Supplier search in AD 17.0 does not return units for a part’s parameters. (BC:7280)
Fixed a bug that caused errors while updating a PCB from a schematic. (BC:7298)
Fixed a bug where a Ctrl Click to highlight a net does not work when SHIFT click to select is checked ON.
Fixed a bug where some symbols have no information when opened in Vault. (BC:7297)
Improved routing with Route Guide for nets >2 pins.
Fixed a bug that caused File Save to fail when saving a pcbdoc after performing
an ECO with an empty parameter Name.
Fixed a bug where the footprint names were wrong after creating a library from a PCB.
Fixed a bug that caused poor performance when DXP > Preferences > System >Navigation > Cross Selection is enabled.
Fixed a bug where Net de-highlighting is no longer working with “ctrl+click” on a blank region. (BC:7323)


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